Thursday, January 21, 2010

Transitions & Floor Work

It is very important to learn transitions & floor work!  These are skills that will help you to connect all of your moves together, thus creating a routine.  Transitional moves and floor work fill in the blanks when you're not spinning around your pole :)

This is where your sexy comes in!  Think arching backs, pointed toes, hair flipping, twists & turns...

A Few Popular Moves:

Sexy Get-up
Snake Slide
Cat Crawl
Body Wave
Lean & Slide
Hip Circles
Hip Dips
Swing & Reverse
Leg Kicks


Over exaggerate your moves

Move slowly

Always lead with your butt when getting up :)

Keep your hands busy during your routine i.e run your fingers through your hair, run your hands down the front of your body, etc.

Improvise!  Freestyle!

Have Fun :)

Transition Videos (Instructional):

Nice Example of Floor Work & a Few Transitional Moves:

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