Saturday, January 16, 2010

Pole Essentials

There are several things that I consider to be 'Pole Essentials'. They are shown above :)

#1 Heels
A pair of hot shoes makes all the difference in my book. The ones pictured above I proudly own ;) They instantly make your legs look great, they definately add to the sex appeal of your dance and they actually make it easier to pivot your way around the pole.

#2 Tite Grip
This is a great product. It's a non-slip antiperspirant hand lotion that dries clear and assists you in gripping the pole. You'll find that when you start out, your hands will get sweaty and this may cause you to slip when working on the pole. Eventually your grip will get stronger and you won't have to resort to using Tite Grip, but in the meantime this is a great tool to have in your pole arsenal ;)

#3 Booty Shorts & a Tank
Bare skin helps you to grip the pole. Gripping comes in handy when you are attempting to climb the pole, hold certain position on the pole and when attempting to invert on the pole. A lot of these feats are more advanced, but once you do get to this point you will see how the more exposed skin you have, the easier it will be. This type of apparel also allows you to see your body move. Seeing the definition in your muscles and the strength you have achieved will be motivating!

#4 Spray Bottle of Alcohol
This is used for cleaning your pole. Before you start working out and periodically throughout your workout, cleaning your pole with rubbing alcohol is necessary. Not only does this sanitize your pole, but it renews its workability. Like I said, you will get sweaty and a dirty pole will result in slippage. Always have a spray bottle on hand!

#5 Music
Music is definately a must-have when you're working out, especially on the pole! Pick songs that get your heart pumping, that get you in the mood, that inspire you! There is no set playlist for Pole Fitness. Picking music for your pole is so much fun! I listen to a whole range of music-anything from Timberland to Journey! Build routines based on the songs you have picked ;)

Do you have a special 'tool' or prop that you rely on during your pole sessions? Please share! We'd love to hear!

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