Friday, January 15, 2010

My X-Pole

So after admitting to my addiction of the pole, which is the first step :), I decided to buy myself an X-Pole for my Birthday!  From the research I had done X-Pole is one of the most trustworthy brands of poles you can purchase.  After shopping around for weeks to try and find the best price, as they are expensive, I decided to make my purchase via Ebay and what an intense bidding war it was!

I fought down to the last second and won my pole for $246.01 and paid $28.09 for shipping for a grand total of:  $275 :)  Cheaper than buying from the X-Pole manufacturer itself.  I waited and waited for my pole to arrive.  Being that my birthday is on Christmas, let's just leave that alone for now :), I thought maybe it was just taking a little longer due to the holiday.  I kept checking Ebay daily to see if the seller had shipped it, with no results.  I even messaged the seller to no avail.  Just when I thought I had been hoodwinked, a friend stopped by and during her visit informed me that there was a LARGE BOX on the porch!  A mad dash to the door revealed that my pole had arrived, right on schedule. ::A sigh of relief::

The following day I installed the pole in my gym, which I had cleaned and painted green the week prior, in honor of my new purchase.  The X-Pole is SO easy to install and doesn't require any screws for mounting.  You can take it down and put it back up in approximately 5 mins!  It's perfect for the pole enthusiast on the go!  Since then I have been in my 'studio' daily.  Practicing, dancing, spinning and sweating to my heart's content.


  1. I have been wanting to start pole dacing for awhile now ,but my hubby and I bought a house and have been waiting for it to be built and then I can get a pole. Now after almost a year I'm so happy to say I will be moving in Feb 17th : ) I also am getting an X-Pole and can't wait!!!

  2. Well congratulations!! On the house AND the pole :) I definately recommend the X-Pole. Can't wait to hear of your adventures! Keep us posted <3