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X-Pole Announcement!

X-Pole, the leading brand in US & Canadian Fitness & Dance Poles are no longer offering their original X-Pole design!

"As the industry has moved forward, the only natural thing for us to do would be to develop and grow with it. Working with top dancers and our in house designer the X-Pole product line has been at the forefront of pole innovation releasing products specifically designed for people who want to pursue the art of pole exercise and dance."

"All our NEW products now come with the X-Joint – (Patent Pending)

The X-Joint is a revolutionary NEW tube joint developed after 2 years of consultation and testing with the world’s best instructors who wanted a quick, easy to install pole with high stability/rigidity and most importantly strength. X-Joint 100% meets those requirements and will in the future become the industry standard for multi-piece pole assembly.
After years of screw together joints becoming over tightened and stuck, X-Joint tube assembly takes seconds not minutes. It creates a stronger more rigid joint with less pole flex and eliminates any possibility of tube to tube rotation or joints coming undone with opposite rotation moves.
Also X-Jointed pole tubes have zero transition (no gap) between joints even when the pole is flexed. Simple to use, the X-Joint slides into each pole tube and is quickly locked in place with a key, making pole assembly and disassembly a dream experience. X-Joint is now featured in all new X-Pole and Stages."

Please visit my iPole Products page;
to see details on all of X-Pole's new Pole Sets!
*Upgrades are also available for owners of the original X-Pole design.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Meet the Creator of Pole Skivvies!

Jennifer Michelle!
~Pole Skivvies Creator~

1. How in the world did you come up with the idea for Skivvies?

I had just started pole dancing and was thinking of making my first video to post on Youtube, when I was horrified to see that my little boyshorts from Victoria's Secret were gapping really badly in the crotch. I mean, it's one thing to dance around in your underwear, but something else entirely to be falling out of it! So, since I'd previously had a business designing lingerie, I figured I could just get some proper pole shorts designed and solve the problem. So I did. :)

2. How long have you been pole dancing?

Two years now, but I've had a lot of problems with improper conditioning, poor training, and injuries, so it's like I'm still a total newbie. But I'm just happy that I seem to be progressing now without re-injuring myself, and I can finally feel myself getting stronger in the proper muscles.

3. What is your favorite song to 'pole' to?

It's weird, but I don't like poling to music until the last bit of my workout, when I'm doing the improv. When I'm just doing exercises and practicing the spins or making sure my posture is right, I like it quiet so I can focus. It's easy for me with music to get too into it and lose track of, say, my shoulder placement. So I spend a lot of time just drilling that kind of thing without music on. But when I let myself start really dancing, I'm all over the map with what I listen to. Lately, I'm huge on Lady Gaga. But I also like Flo Rida and even oldies from Foreigner (yes, I know - it's so ridiculous!) and Billy Squier. And I adore burlesque music, so I like to dance to that whenever I want to be super sexy. I think burlesque sounds just make the most out of floor work and transition moves.

4. Do you have any other type of dance background?

I was belly dancing for twenty years before getting into pole. Honestly, I'd never thought too much of trying another dance style, since belly dance was such a good fit for me. But then one day, I just got bored with my workout. I mean, BORED. That's when I started looking around for other things to do, and that's when I learned about pole.

5. 'Skivvies' is pretty much a household name when it comes to pole dancing. How does that make you feel?

You are so cute! I love that you say that, but I don't know if that's yet the case - although I'd be very happy if it were true one day!

6. How many products do you currently sell and are new products in the works?

In the clothing, right now there are the Tail Spin Shorts and the Fireman Tank. As the company grows, I definitely have plans to add more items to the line. But, in 2009, I was most interested in getting these two items launched and expanding the size range, so it now goes small, medium, large, and goddess for both.

Beyond that, I'm working on the stage presence side of PoleSkivvies. I think pole dance is so athletic and trick-oriented at times, that it becomes easy to lose the dance side of it. That's what I'm trying to address through workbooks and classes - teaching dancers how to bring out the personality in their dancing and how to connect with the audience. I plan to introduce more products on those issues in 2010. Right now I have the Zombie Quick Fix workbook that is a fun way to learn how to put more emotional expression into your pole dancing. And the So Long, Stage Fright workbook, which is a guide to help dancers get comfortable with performing. I also offer private coaching on stage presence and in how to give a striptease, too!

7. There is unfortunately still quite a stigma attached to Pole Dancing as being associating with stripping as opposed to fitness. What are your thoughts on that?

What I hate most is when pole dancers defend their dancing by insisitng they aren't strippers. That just drives me nuts because how many of the best pole dancers and teachers out there were once strippers. Yet I totally get where that impulse to defend yourself comes from. So a lot of what interests me in pole is that nebulous area where we feel proud of what we do, yet defensive of what we do. I wish we could be proud of it without insisting we aren't strippers - and I wish others could find some other associations with pole besides thinking up something sleazy. Still, I also like being seen as someone doing something really sexy, so it's not like I'm overly consistent here.

Belly dance went through a lot of this up through the 70s and into the 80s - really being seen as something almost over-the-top sexual. But then it started getting accepted as an ethnic dance, and now it's regarded as something beautiful and womanly. I think pole will have a similar path, although it won't be made as easy because there is no cultural association with the dance other than strip clubs. But I would imagine that in 20 years or so, it wlll be much more normalized. And then the women wanting to do something really in-your-face sexy will have to find something new. ;)

8. Being from a place where Pole Fitness is not the norm, how do you deal with that? I.e. how did you get started dancing, how do you get others involved, how do you tell people in your area what you do, etc?

God, it is such a hassle living where there are no pole studios! Honestly, it drives me nuts. So, I started out with DVDs and Youtube and my own supremely deluded belief that my dance background was sufficient to guide me into pole. Well, within a month I had to stop for six weeks due to tendonitis problems. Then I got nowhere for several months, started studying with someone online, who wound up - as I later learned - not teaching me proper conditioning, so I started getting these awful back spasms whenever I tried to do the Scorpio. So I stopped again. And then I found my current teacher - who now no longer wants to teach, but says she'll hang in there with me until I've gotten to the point of safely inverting (bless her for that!) - and she has made a huge difference. Just night and day. Not like I have a lot of skills yet, but I'm not getting hurt and I'm progressing, which is a nice change.

So, how to I get others involved? Well, locally, I really don't. Once in awhile I drag my man out to the local pub which has some poles and I dance there, but not too often. My pole buddies are all online, from all over the world. They are what keeps me going. And as for telling people locally, I just tell them. Even when I don't tell them, I have a weird knack for publicity, so - even though I'm not promoting pole or PoleSkivvies locally - people still find out about it. And then they want to interview me for the local paper or something. So, then you get situations at my day job like, when I hadn't told everyone there yet, but my boss' boss found out over lunch with a friend who had read one of those articles and comes back saying, so, I hear you pole. :) Luckily, they are all cool about it. And thank god, because I talk about it ALL THE TIME.

9. How do you feel about Pole Dancing possibly becoming a part of the Olympics?

At first, I was really excited about this and signed the petition and was all "wa-hoo for pole!" But now I find I'd be cool either way - I don't think pole dance (or any dance) needs to be in the Olympics, but I think it would be fun if it were. And I don't buy the argument that being in the Olympcis will hurt the sexy side of pole. Still, I don't think getting into the Olympics is the best way to make pole "acceptable" to the masses - I think expos and open houses and interviews are a much, much better way of doing that.

So, if it gets in, cool - I'll be watching it! But if not, cool, too. And either way, most dancers won't be heading for the Olympics and I still want to see them perform. Really, I'm most interested in the dance and the performance aspects of pole, which I think are less likely to be emphasized at the Olympics.

10. In my blog I've named what I feel to be my 'Pole Essentials' (Things I need or always use while I dance, i.e. heels, dry-hands, alcohol in a spray bottle, music, etc.) What are your Pole Essentails?

That's a fun question! Definitely my spray bottle of alcohol and my paper towels. Also my level and my Dance Paws. Plus great big mirrors and my PoleSkivvies, of course! ;)

Thank you so much, Heather, for asking me to do this interview. It was a lot of fun! And great to see another pole dancer talking about all the issues surrounding pole!

Be sure to check the link for Pole Skivvies on the top right on this page!

Or go to Jennifer's website: :)

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iPole Products Page!

Be sure to check out the new iPole Products page!

Buy poles, apparel & more!

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Meet Lori Myers!

Meet Lori Myers: A 33 year old Pole Enthusiast from California!

1. How long have you been Pole Dancing? How often do you do it?

I started with Twirly Girls Pole Fitness in Pleasanton, California a little over two months ago with my friend, Rita. I initially started looking into pole dancing a couple of years ago and took the intro class at S Factor in San Francisco. But it was a little too far for me to drive every weekend. As soon as I found Twirly Girls, Rita and I signed up for a taster class and have been hooked on the pole ever since! We take class once a week at the studio, plus I try to sign up for extras at least once a month. This month, we took an Ooh La La burlesque dance class. Just this past Sunday, I got my very own pole at home so I have been on it every day!

I printed out the core strength test that you posted this week. I failed miserably! If you do all of the things you asked, you'd be in plank position for 3 minutes. I was able to hold each variation for about 10 seconds, so the entire thing took me about a minute. I have much work to do!!

2. How did you discover Pole Fitness?

I was turned on to pole dancing about two years ago when I heard the S Factor girls on the radio. I thought it sounded interesting and so I looked them up online and went in search of a friend who would be interested in coming with me.

3. What do you love MOST about it?

I LOVE that I'm getting myself back into shape and having fun doing it. I lost 165 pounds about six years ago. But being thin(ner) doesn't mean being healthy and in shape. A couple of years ago, I started spending a lot of time at the gym and got into pretty good shape. In the last 6 months or so, I got lazy. And I was having a hard time motivating myself into working out again. Pole fitness is it!! I am having fun and I can already see a difference in my arms (which is good because it was my arms flapping in the wind that made me realize it was time to get back into shape).

4. What is your favorite song to 'pole' to?

I have three favorite songs right now. Actually, five. haha! My ABSOLUTE favorite is My Pony by Daniel Wesley. But I also love Rihanna's Rockstar 101, Beyonce's Video Phone, Mazzy Star's Fade Into You, and (of course -- its so cliche) Def Leppard's Pour Some Sugar On Me.

5. What do consider your 'Pole Essentials'? (What do you need or typically use when dancing? I.e. Certain outfit or article of clothing? Certain Prop? Certain Music? Etc...)

When I am actually on the pole, I generally like to wear plain workout stuff: shorts and a tank top. For learning how to climb (which I am still doing, and not very well), my patent leather boots help me stick like glue. So, now that I'm advancing, the boots are probably my must-have.

6. How do you feel about the stigma that is attached to Pole Dancing? i.e. people associating it with stripping...

Ugh. This was such a hot topic on my Facebook page today. I understand where the stigma comes from, although I also feel like people should get over it. I love the shirt that the Twirly Girls have for guys: Pole Dancing Is Not A Crime! Anything that encourages women to get in shape and be healthy and sexy and feel empowered should be celebrated. I feel like pole dancing has been associated with stripping (not that there's anything wrong with either one), and my attitude is this: I'm an adult, I'm not hurting anyone, and its no one's business. Shoot, I have respect for a stripper who incorporates pole dancing into their routine. That takes a lot of physical strength! Good for them!

I do occasionally catch myself bristling when people ask me if I'm wearing my g-string to stripper class. And I am trying to get over that. I have so much fun in my class, so it shouldn't matter what other people think. Bel teaches us to be sexy and strong but also encourages us to dress up, be silly and have a good time, which is totally my personality!

7. Favorite Pole Move?

I don't know if I have a favorite move yet. I am still doing such basic moves. Pretty much every move my instructor, Bel, does is my favorite. She is so graceful and makes it look so easy. I feel like Buddy the Elf at Christmas. Every time Bel does a new move, I hear myself saying, THAT ONE! That's my favorite! haha!

8. What do you hope to accomplish by Pole Dancing in general? What would you like to accomplish within the next 6 months?

Within the next six months, I hope to be able to climb and invert (without breaking my neck). Ultimately, I want to have the core strength to hang off that pole like its nothing. I've been all over youtube watching pole dancing champions and I want to do EVERYTHING they can do! I'm six feet tall and probably not built to do some of the stuff they do. But I can dream!

9. What do you friends & family think about your Pole Dancing? How does that make you feel?

Most of my friends and family are very supportive. My boyfriend is VERY supportive of my new hobby! My mom's side of the family is pretty religious, so I don't know how *excited* they are about my new choice in fitness classes. However, no one has directly called me out for it either. My sister worked in a bar that had a "stripper pole," and she was given a very hard time about "tarnishing the family name."

That may be part of why I reacted so badly yesterday on Facebook to some of the people who were rude to me about being in pole dancing classes. But the majority of my friends think this is great, and that makes me happy. I have an amazing following of friends on Facebook who look forward to the weekly posts of photos and videos. So, its been fun to keep them all updated on my adventures.

10. Pole Dancing in the Olympics. Your thoughts?
I absolutely believe pole dancing should be in the Olympics! I am so impressed and in awe at the amount of strength it takes to do what these women (and men -- hello Chinese pole acrobats!) are doing. When I'm watching videos, I swear some of them must have strings holding them up. But I know they don't.
I don't even have the words to express how awesome it is to watch pole dancing. If someone thinks pole dancing is inappropriate or dirty...put them on the pole and just ask them to pull themselves up and hold it for a minute. When they can't, THEN they will understand the amazing shape one has to be in to be a pole dancer!
11. On your Facebook I saw that you had mentioned something about a contest involving a Fire Dept...Tell me about that!

At our studio, Bel likes to give us fun assignments each month. The winner either gets a t-shirt or can take Bel's portable pole home for the week.

Around Christmas, we were asked to take interesting photos in our Twirly Girl shirts, so Rita and I took a picture with Santa (he was a good sport, you can see the picture on my Facebook page). I also went to Texas and took my Twirly Girl shirt everywhere and put it on for some really funny pictures (hanging off of Neptune's arm in Galveston...rocking a Bumpits in Houston).

This month, Bel thought it would be fun to take photos in our Twirly Girls shirts at fire stations with poles in them. They're actually kind of rare on the West Coast, which is part of the fun...finding them!

Anyway, I shot off a bunch of e-mails to local fire stations. I was honest about WHY we wanted the photos (we are girls from a pole fitness class) but promised there would be no monkey business (a couple of girls in jeans and pole tricks or "stripper clothes"). Most fire stations turned us down. Some were polite enough and just said they couldn't help us (and they may not have had poles, so that was an easy "no" for them). A couple came right out and said that they thought it was inappropriate and wouldn't help us (even though they admitted to having poles). One station actually set an appointment with me and apparently someone higher up found out and e-mailed me to say we weren't welcome. Another fireman (who was referred to me by a friend) initially said he could set up an appointment and then came back the next day and told me he wasn't willing to put his job on the line for me (uh, not sure why standing in the station taking a photo would put his job in jeopardy). It was a very difficult day for me. I felt like they were making a moral judgment about my choice in fitness classes. And I was also irritated because all of these fire stations have websites that say they are open to tours with the public. Had I been dishonest and just asked to come in and take a tour, I'd have shown up in my Twirly Girls shirt and gotten my photos without incident.

I can somewhat understand where they are coming from (they don't know me, and who knows if I was really going to try to show up and pull off some shenanigans), I just don't like how most stations handled it. So, I was (and still am) disappointed and I feel very judged. Its now become less of a desire to win the contest at my studio and more about proving that THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH POLE DANCING. The saving grace is that my friend's stepdad has a station with a pole and is welcoming us with open arms. So we have an appointment next month to come in and get our photos. We will definitely come bearing gifts -- shirts for the boys that say "POLE DANCING IS NOT A CRIME" and cookies! :-D

12.  What is "Twirl Around the World?"

A side project that I'm putting together to have other people find fire stations willing to take a picture with their guys and gals (and if people don't have time to go inside a fire station, just stand outside...this is more about making people aware of pole fitness and less about fire stations).

I have a logo from our studio I can e-mail. Or, they can simply write "I heart Twirly Girls" on a piece of paper. Take a picture, and e-mail it to me at
(with a short description about where they're from and who they are).

I want to mark them on a map and put their photo in a Facebook album. I am calling it the 'Twirl Around the World'! So if you know anyone willing to participate, please send them my way!

Thank you so much for sharing your experience with Pole Dancing Lori!!

Please Accept My Apology :)

I've been wanting to apologize for my lack of posts for the last week or so.  My camera broke and I had been borrowing one...but I unfortunately had to return it :)  Then I had been busy planning/organizing my Grandfather's 80th BIRTHDAY PARTY!!!  Should have brought the Pole...Would've been a total hit!  Lol.  Then the camera I had given my cousin last year was given back to me; a glimmer of hope! Only to find that it was broken as well :( 

These are not excuses-just explantations as to why the posts have been a little far and few between.  I really enjoy posting current pics with my posts :)

So Stayed Tuned! 
  • Split Mission Updates are on the Way!
As Well As:
  • An Interview with a Fellow Pole Enthusiast
  • An Interview with the Skivvies Creator!

P.S.  I miss my long hair... :(

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Pole Products for Sale!

Please contact me if you are interested in any of the above Pole Products!  They all look extremely appealing to me :)

Pricing Info:
Poles-Starting @ $249.99 + s/h
Extenstions- Range from $19.99-$49.99 + s/h
Stages- $799.99 + s/h
X-Grip- $10.99 + s/h
Shirts- $24.99 + s/h
Tanks- $24.99 + s/h
Boy shorts- $19.99 + s/h
Pants- $29.99 + s/h
Dvds- Range from $24.99- $99.97 + s/h

Good Prices~Great Service

Sadly The Stigma Remains...

Sadly there is still a stigma attached to Pole Dancing.  What really is the difference here...

Are people biased because our poles are vertical as opposed to horiztonal? 

Is it the difference in apparel? 

Is it because people are associating it with being at a strip club; an exchange of money for nudity?

Pole Fitness has tremendously increased our women's confidence, self-esteem and athleticism over the past few years.  It has done so without any clothing being removed and the only people being paid-the studio owners. It is a shame that anyone is being criticized or looked down on simply because they are trying to better themselves with this new proven fitness trend.

Too many people judge first and ask questions last.  Pole Dancing is something that requires strength, stamina and determination.  If you don't believe that, I challenge you to try it yourself.  Many women who have taken up this new workout have actually come from a background of gymnastics or other forms of dance.  Other women are looking to branch out and simply try new things.

The treadmill can become oh so tiresome.  There is nothing wrong with re-inventing your routine with something new, exciting and extremely beneficial for your body.

On another note-being sexy is not a sin. We have come so far in society.  We now accept things that people 5-10 years ago would never even have dreamed of.  The Pole Dancing industry has taken a turn for the good, so we need to embrace it now more than ever.

I am confident that it will one day be accepted.  Not by all, but by most.  There will always be that group of naysayers, in every situation, but we need to stand strong. Once Pole Dancing makes it to the Olympics, which is a very real possibility, what will people have to say then?  Will it finally be recognized as a legit sport?

No one should have to endure ridicule for putting a positive spin on something that may have been frowned upon in the past.  I give kudos to all of the woman who are standing up for what they believe in.

I would love to hear your comment on this!

Let Me Be Your Dealer!

Exciting news! 
I am now a Certified X-Pole Dealer!! 

The X-Pole:

  • No ceiling fixings required
  • Static and spinning
  • Takes minutes to assemble
  • Screw together joints for strength and stability
  • Fully removable and portable
  • Assembly and Instructional DVD included

"Whether a beginner, intermediate or professional, X-Pole is produced to the highest standards guaranteeing you the best pole experience on the market.

 Featuring some of the most advanced design and engineering you’ll find in the world of pole exercise and dance X-Pole has been developed, in consultation with leading dancers, to meet the demands of professional pole dancing. 

Removable and fully portable X-Pole is quick and easy to install and it’s clean, ergonomic design looks great in any surroundings."

I am proud to be associated with X-Pole :)  This is the ONLY pole that I would ever represent!

***I also sell X-Pole Shirts, Tanks, Boyshorts, Pants, Dvds, Stages, X-Grip, and Pole Extensions***

Contact me for details!

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Pole Skivvies!

Be sure to check out the link on the right regarding Pole Skivvies!  These are a very popular item to have if you are a Pole Enthusiast :)

"The “Tail Spin” Pole Dance Short is the perfect short for attending class, practicing on the pole, and learning new moves and routines. It’s designed to give you plenty of skin contact with the pole, without putting your entire ass on display!

The “Tail Spin” has a 1″ inseam to give maximum thigh contact with the pole yet it won’t gap in the crotch. It is made of a high-performance, athletic wear fabric that wicks sweat away from the skin; it’s stretchy without being slippery – exactly what you need on the pole. "

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Transitions & Floor Work

It is very important to learn transitions & floor work!  These are skills that will help you to connect all of your moves together, thus creating a routine.  Transitional moves and floor work fill in the blanks when you're not spinning around your pole :)

This is where your sexy comes in!  Think arching backs, pointed toes, hair flipping, twists & turns...

A Few Popular Moves:

Sexy Get-up
Snake Slide
Cat Crawl
Body Wave
Lean & Slide
Hip Circles
Hip Dips
Swing & Reverse
Leg Kicks


Over exaggerate your moves

Move slowly

Always lead with your butt when getting up :)

Keep your hands busy during your routine i.e run your fingers through your hair, run your hands down the front of your body, etc.

Improvise!  Freestyle!

Have Fun :)

Transition Videos (Instructional):

Nice Example of Floor Work & a Few Transitional Moves:

Strength Increasing!

I can now consistantly support my weight with my arms & legs :)  Strength is a key factor in Pole Fitness.  It is important to have not only arm & leg strength, but core strength as well.  The core pertains to your body's center.  When you think of your 'core', you might simply think of your ab muscles, but it contains much more.  Your core is made up of your abs, back muscles, pelvic floor & hips.


How strong is your core?? 
Take the Core Challenge below to find out!

-Position a watch or clock on the ground where you can easily see it
  • Assume the basic plank position (as shown above)
*Hold this position for 60 seconds*
  • Lift your right arm off the ground
*Hold this position for 15 seconds*
  • Return your right arm to the ground and lift the left arm off the ground
*Hold this position for 15 seconds*
  • Return your left arm to the ground and lift the right leg off the ground
*Hold this position for 15 seconds*
  • Return your right leg to the ground and lift the left leg off the ground
*Hold this position for 15 seconds*
  • Lift your left leg and right arm off the ground
*Hold this position for 15 seconds*
  • Return you left leg and right arm to the ground and lift your right leg and left arm off the ground
*Hold this position for 15 seconds*
  • Return to the basic plank position
*Hold this position for 30 seconds*

If you were able to complete this test then it indicates you have good core strength. If you are unable to complete the test then repeat the routine 3 or 4 times a week until you can.

Take the challenge and let me know how you did!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

2009 USPDF Championship Winner - Jenyne Butterfly

About Jenyne Butterfly: Inspired by another amazing Seattle pole dancer, Pantera, Jenyne began winning competitions only 3 months after her first spin. Jenyne Butterfly holds many titles including: 3 time champ of the largest prize-winning pole dance competition, Pole-a-Palooza, Miss Seamless and Princess on the Pole, US Pole Dance Champion (USPDF) and took silver at the 2009 World Finals.

" I also went on from pole dancing to further explore aerial artistry which actually landed me a role in a Cirque du Soleil show. I study and perform on apparatus such as trapeze, silks, hoop, hammock, rope, and pole. I opened my first pole dancing studio in Seattle over 5 years ago, and now own a studio teaching all these art forms in Las Vegas."

“I absolutely LOVE what pole dancing has done for my life. I have a ton of professional training in dance, gymnastics, aerial artistry, and have become an avid yogi. I love sharing my passion, knowledge, and skill with others!” ~ Jenyne Butterfly

2010 US Pole Dance Championships!

It's that time of year again! The US Pole Dance Federation is hosting their Annual Pole Dance Championship Competition!

When: Friday, March 19th, 2010
1:00pm Amateur Division
7:30pm Professional Division

Where: Symphony Space, New York City

Here's a link to USPDF's site:

Here's a link to purchase tickets!:

Monday, January 18, 2010

Knee Hold!

New Move Accomplished! ~The Knee Hold~ Now I just have to work on letting go completely :)

Spin Mode Take Two!

So I've made a little video of my 2nd Spin Mode attempt :) Please note in the first segment how important it is to have ample space when using your pole, lol! Had to include that - so funny...Be sure you have your volume up for that part.

It's hard to control your speed for sure, but I'm catching on. If done correctly it can be very pretty :) That's all the spinning I have for you for now. Stay tuned!

Stretch Routine - Day One

Above are the stretches that I worked with today. Seems to be a pretty good set. Positions should be held for atleast 30 seconds to get a good stretch, but because we are trying to increase flexibility they should be held for one minute or more. As your flexibility increases, you should be able to hold the stretches longer each time. Be sure to work each side of the body. Every stretch you do on your left leg, be sure to do on your right leg.

The routine above took approximately 13 minutes minutes today. I held each position for one minute. I'll probably go through these stretches again at some point today. I recommend once in the morning and once in the evening.

Today was a great start!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Spin Mode!

So I just enabled 'spin mode' on my pole and...whoa! Lol, my head is still spinning :) This is done by removing the two screws inside the very bottom of the pole which allows it to spin freely. This is really cool though. I can see how it can really add to your routines. I just happened to hop on, wasn't planning on working out - hence the jeans & boots ;)

Please take the poll on the right and tell me what mode you typically use on your pole. I'm very interested! All of the videos that I've been looking at on YouTube has me wondering who is using spin and who is using static. It has become quite a game of 'spot the spin mode'! Hard to tell in some situations...I'll jump back on tomorrow for a more thorough practice.

The Start of My 'Splits Mission'

Alright, so tomorrow is the official start of my 'Splits Mission'!

After the initial assessment I've concluded that we're starting with a 9 " gap from the floor.  There are a ton of sites with advice on split stretches and I'm taking them all into consideration during this journey.  I'll keep you with posted with my progress :) Once I get a set stretching routine down, I'll let you know what stretches I'm doing and how much time I am dedicating to them each day.

Please let me know if:

*You have any suggestions!
*You are on your own 'Splits Mission'...
*You have completed your mission with flying colors!

Please share your story!!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Anyone Can Pole Dance!

The videos above are to show you that ANYONE can pole dance :) You can be big or small, young or old, man or woman. Take time to look at Pole Dancing videos on YouTube, which is where I found these. There are sooo many dancers out there, of all shapes, sizes, ages, and ethnicities. The woman shown above in the middle video is 50 years old!! Isn't she in great shape?! It's amazing to see how many people have posted their pole videos. Regardless of their experience or level of embarrassment :) they want to share their experience on the pole with you. I encourage you to do the same!

Pole Essentials

There are several things that I consider to be 'Pole Essentials'. They are shown above :)

#1 Heels
A pair of hot shoes makes all the difference in my book. The ones pictured above I proudly own ;) They instantly make your legs look great, they definately add to the sex appeal of your dance and they actually make it easier to pivot your way around the pole.

#2 Tite Grip
This is a great product. It's a non-slip antiperspirant hand lotion that dries clear and assists you in gripping the pole. You'll find that when you start out, your hands will get sweaty and this may cause you to slip when working on the pole. Eventually your grip will get stronger and you won't have to resort to using Tite Grip, but in the meantime this is a great tool to have in your pole arsenal ;)

#3 Booty Shorts & a Tank
Bare skin helps you to grip the pole. Gripping comes in handy when you are attempting to climb the pole, hold certain position on the pole and when attempting to invert on the pole. A lot of these feats are more advanced, but once you do get to this point you will see how the more exposed skin you have, the easier it will be. This type of apparel also allows you to see your body move. Seeing the definition in your muscles and the strength you have achieved will be motivating!

#4 Spray Bottle of Alcohol
This is used for cleaning your pole. Before you start working out and periodically throughout your workout, cleaning your pole with rubbing alcohol is necessary. Not only does this sanitize your pole, but it renews its workability. Like I said, you will get sweaty and a dirty pole will result in slippage. Always have a spray bottle on hand!

#5 Music
Music is definately a must-have when you're working out, especially on the pole! Pick songs that get your heart pumping, that get you in the mood, that inspire you! There is no set playlist for Pole Fitness. Picking music for your pole is so much fun! I listen to a whole range of music-anything from Timberland to Journey! Build routines based on the songs you have picked ;)

Do you have a special 'tool' or prop that you rely on during your pole sessions? Please share! We'd love to hear!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Want to Host a Pole Party?!

I want to bring the 'Pole Fitness Experience' to YOU!  Hosting a Pole Party in your home is the perfect recipe for a 'Girls Nite IN' :)  The pole, props and music are provided-all YOU have to do is invite your friends! 

Birthday Parties, Bachelorette Parties, 'Newly Single', Graduation, any celebration you can think of! Bring out your inner diva at a party you will never forget! What a unique way to get the girls together ;)

~You will learn all of the 'pole basics'~

Learn the WALK



Beginner SPINS!

You'll enjoy music, laughter, great photo ops, your own routine and MOST of all-a night you'll never forget ;)

*Feel free to wear whatever you are comfortable in, but FYI - bare skin helps you grip the pole so shorts and tanks are recommended. Heels are optional, but SO much fun!*

To book a party, or for more information please email me at my personal email addy: OR the Pole Party email addy:

Rates vary due to the length of the party and number of ladies in attendance.  Basic parties however are approximately 2 hours long and have 7-10 women in attendence.

No Pain-No Gain

You can see why I've titled this post 'No Pain-No Gain', lol.  As you can see from the photo above, Pole Fitness is not all glitz & glamour :)  Working on the pole exposes your body to things it hasn't experienced before, therefore sometimes resulting in bruises, sore muscles and aches & pains.  That is why training is crucial.  It is SO important to know what you are doing and to make sure your body is ready for what you are going to attempt.  If you haven't stretched enough, if your body isn't strong enough or if you are not preforming your moves correctly this could result in serious injury.  Be sure you have done your research and/or have been trained properly before working on your pole.  

The bruises shown above are from my skin not being used to the moves I am doing.  As I continue to practice, my skin will toughen up.  As I build my strength I won't have to rely on my skin taking the brunt of my moves because I will be able to better support myself, which will result in less and more appropriate contact with the pole.

I also bruise extremely easily :) I just wanted to share this with you so that you realize it is not a piece of cake, injury can happen and to give you a little something to laugh at. 

This resembles a crime scene photo! LMAO.

My X-Pole

So after admitting to my addiction of the pole, which is the first step :), I decided to buy myself an X-Pole for my Birthday!  From the research I had done X-Pole is one of the most trustworthy brands of poles you can purchase.  After shopping around for weeks to try and find the best price, as they are expensive, I decided to make my purchase via Ebay and what an intense bidding war it was!

I fought down to the last second and won my pole for $246.01 and paid $28.09 for shipping for a grand total of:  $275 :)  Cheaper than buying from the X-Pole manufacturer itself.  I waited and waited for my pole to arrive.  Being that my birthday is on Christmas, let's just leave that alone for now :), I thought maybe it was just taking a little longer due to the holiday.  I kept checking Ebay daily to see if the seller had shipped it, with no results.  I even messaged the seller to no avail.  Just when I thought I had been hoodwinked, a friend stopped by and during her visit informed me that there was a LARGE BOX on the porch!  A mad dash to the door revealed that my pole had arrived, right on schedule. ::A sigh of relief::

The following day I installed the pole in my gym, which I had cleaned and painted green the week prior, in honor of my new purchase.  The X-Pole is SO easy to install and doesn't require any screws for mounting.  You can take it down and put it back up in approximately 5 mins!  It's perfect for the pole enthusiast on the go!  Since then I have been in my 'studio' daily.  Practicing, dancing, spinning and sweating to my heart's content.


Last year I discovered the world of 'Pole Fitness'.  For those of you that might not be familiar, let me explain this wonderful industry.  Pole Fitness is a absolutely fantastic workout and self esteem booster.  It involves a 'stripper pole' but please don't confuse this with the 'stripping' you may be familiar with.  Using the pole you are taken through a series of strength training and cardio moves as well as incorporating dance, without removing any clothing.  This is a feel good way to let loose, build confidence and at the same time partake in an awesome workout.  It's a lot harder than it looks ladies!  Studios have opened up across the country providing classes and I don't see this as a trend that will fade anytime soon.  I encourage everyone to try Pole Fitness if the opportunity is in your area to do so.  I promise you'll be hooked.  It's an addiction that is good for the body & soul :)  I've created this blog to encourage you to try, inform you how to, and to document my adventures on the pole!