Monday, February 22, 2010

Spice Up Your Pole Dancing!

When it comes to Pole Dancing attire, there are SO many choices….There are tops, bottoms and sets; bikinis and stockings; dresses, jackets…you name it: The Pole Dancing Shop is sure to carry it.
Just like shoes, the outfit you choose to dance in is a very important, personal choice. It should be something you are comfortable in, that makes you feel good about yourself and something that shows off your features.

I would recommend the more skin showing, the better. The more you have revealed, the more you have to grip the pole, which is essential in most pole dancing moves. Skirts, shorts and lingerie are great. Another reason to bare it all is to boost your self-esteem. Not only will you be able to see your muscles in action, which will allow you to gauge and admire your progress, but let’s face it, there is a reason you have chosen Pole Dancing as opposed to the basic weights and treadmill routine. You want to be doing something sexy! There are a million other ways to get in shape…You have made the pole your choice because of its seductive appeal. It’s naughty quality has peaked your interest, which is great!

Finding something to make you feel good about yourself, whatever it may be, is something we all need in our lives. Pole Dancing has quickly become something that women all over the world are now incorporating into their lives, whether it be from a fitness standpoint or be it simply a form of relaxation or leisure pursuit.

Take the time to find an outfit that suits your pole needs! There is apparel out there for every shape and size. Throwing on an old t-shirt and pair of shorts is fine, but having something sexy, especially something that matches, is always fun.

Check out this great Peek-A-Boo Skirt and matching Bow Front Halter Top. This looks like something I would be interested in! It’s super cute, but not super revealing…Kind of like a bathing suit if you think about it. It has a great pattern, gives you a lot of bare skin to work with on your pole and it definitely has that sex appeal I’ve been talking about!


If that was a little too much skin for your comfort level, the above is a great alternative. The Long Sleeve Button Front Jacket with Collar and Matching Skirt gives you more coverage with just as much sex appeal!

It’s all about finding an outfit right for you, but keep in mind that stepping out of your comfort zone can so much fun! Try something that you’ve never had the guts to try before. This adventure is about YOU, so why not make it interesting? You’ve got nothing to lose and The Pole Dancing Shop has your back.
It’s time to treat yourselves ladies! Even if it’s a pair of sensual stockings to enjoy, you deserve that something special to add a little spice to your life. And who says the clothing on The Pole Dancing Shop’s site has to be strictly for the pole? Incorporate your purchases into your everyday life, or even the bedroom...It’s up to you!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Walk a Mile in Her Shoes...

While looking through all of the fantastic shoes the Pole Dancing Shop has to offer, the expression “walk a mile in her shoes” comes to mind. There are so many different styles, colors and heel sizes. What are the women like who purchase and wear these shoes? It’s fun to think about, but even more fun when you realize that you can be the woman that creates the story behind the shoe. There is a pair our there for everyone. You can find shoes that represent your current image and needs, or find shoes to assist in creating that new image that you‘ve been dying to achieve.

Whether you’ve been wearing heels your whole life, or have never even tried a pair on the Pole Dancing Shop is here to help you start or continue your journey in shoes.

I like to think of heels as trophies; as magnificent pieces of art that adorn your feet. The right pair can instantly transform an outfit and your body. They can be worn with just about everything in your closet and have the power to give even the simplest of outfits that much need makeover. Heels accentuate your calves, make you appear taller, improve your posture and gait, as well as give you an instant lift of the rear.

A staple in the world of Pole Dancing, the heels you choose can make or break a routine. They give you the ability to pivot around the pole with the utmost grace. Heels can make your performance pop. It is important to chose the shoe that’s right for you. They will quickly become your partner in crime on the pole and in your regular day-to-day, so it is critical to make sure you are comfortable with and trust the ones you pick.

I’ve always been envious of those woman whose heels do not appear to be shoes, but an actual extension of their entire body. You can tell who is ‘one with their heels’ and who is not. Those that are walk without a glitch in their step. There is nothing awkward or uncomfortable about the heels on their feet. They’ve been known to work around the clock, pick up their children from school, even chase down a receipt that has fallen out of their purse-all in their heels and without error. It is an amazing and sexy feat which you can achieve with practice and the right shoe. You can be one of those women!

Let’s take the 5 inch Platform Glitter Sandal with Criss-Cross Ankle Strap for example.

This is a gorgeous pair of shoes. Dainty, but eye catching. Available in four colors: silver, red, black and gold. So many scenarios pop into to mind with this shoe!

I see a great evening shoe to be worn with a short sparkly dress; dancing and drinks. You’re celebrating!

I see these shoes at the bottom of a fitted business suit paired with dangly earrings and a matching bracelet; meetings and presentations. You’re closing the deal!

I see them with a pair of slightly worn jeans and a top that shimmers; date night. You’re spending time with the one you love!

I see professionals, moms and party-goers alike with this universal shoe in their closet. Most shoes at the Pole Dancing Shop, , are like this; extremely versatile, so fun to own and they assist in making everyday special!

It’s up to you to create the story. In which direction will you take it? Regardless of where you go and what you do with your shoes, make it interesting! Shoes are great, affordable accessories that everyone has the opportunity to take advantage of. When you walk down the street in yours, make people wonder: “What would it be like to walk a mile in her shoes?”

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Complete X-Pole Packages Available!

X-Pole Packages :)

~Everything you need to get started~

Only $350! That includes shipping!

Your package will include:
  • One complete X-Pole Sport Chrome Pole Set
  • One pair of X-Pole Boyshorts
  • One bottle of X-Grip
  • One Vertical Dance Beginner DVD
Check out the iPole Products page for details:

A Much Awaited Split Update!

Okay!  I've taken the time tonight to bring you a 'Split Mission' Update!  I'm closin' the gap ladies...We are at a 6" Gap ;)  I will admit that I had not been consistantly stretching until a few days ago, but within those few days I have really limbered up. 

I've mostly been doing the toe touch stretch; standing & sitting, some downward dogs & holding the split positions themselves.  I was very surprised to see such a difference since I've started dispite the slacking on my part, lol.  It just goes to show you how responsive the body is to consistancy, even if it is just a few days. 

Seeing results is definately motivating, so I will do my best to stay consistant!  I will update you again next week. 

To other's who have accepted this mission:  How are you doing?!