Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A Much Awaited Split Update!

Okay!  I've taken the time tonight to bring you a 'Split Mission' Update!  I'm closin' the gap ladies...We are at a 6" Gap ;)  I will admit that I had not been consistantly stretching until a few days ago, but within those few days I have really limbered up. 

I've mostly been doing the toe touch stretch; standing & sitting, some downward dogs & holding the split positions themselves.  I was very surprised to see such a difference since I've started dispite the slacking on my part, lol.  It just goes to show you how responsive the body is to consistancy, even if it is just a few days. 

Seeing results is definately motivating, so I will do my best to stay consistant!  I will update you again next week. 

To other's who have accepted this mission:  How are you doing?!


  1. That is pretty awesome!!! You know, Bel has this contraption that helps you do the splits. I have scars in the inner thigh region so I should get one and join your mission before they lock me down for good!

  2. Hey!! I havent been workin that hard on my mission either :( Sadly I have only worked on it like two days this week :/ But I have gotten ALOT more flexible, and after our pole classes and I do a little stretching I can get down almost all the way!! I havent measured recently tho, maybe I will later today since we will be snowed in!! :) Its true tho, just workin on my splits twice for a longer length in time has made it way for comfortable! I can actually hold my face to my knees when stretching! Thats a huge thing for me :)

  3. That's great progression! Keep at it. Just watch the rotation in your hips. You should have your hips square on facing forward. I can actually get to the floor with rotation, but with squared hips I'm about 5 inches off. It's a little disheartening when you realise you're not as close as you think. But you've seen improvement already, it will keep improving if you keep at it.
    Good luck!