Sunday, January 17, 2010

Spin Mode!

So I just enabled 'spin mode' on my pole and...whoa! Lol, my head is still spinning :) This is done by removing the two screws inside the very bottom of the pole which allows it to spin freely. This is really cool though. I can see how it can really add to your routines. I just happened to hop on, wasn't planning on working out - hence the jeans & boots ;)

Please take the poll on the right and tell me what mode you typically use on your pole. I'm very interested! All of the videos that I've been looking at on YouTube has me wondering who is using spin and who is using static. It has become quite a game of 'spot the spin mode'! Hard to tell in some situations...I'll jump back on tomorrow for a more thorough practice.


  1. Yes Cheaannette, I believe they do. It will definately say in the desciption of the pole, but I'm almost positive.